The Natural and Man Made Wonder of Niagara Falls

Since time immemorial the beauty and vastness of the Niagara Falls stunned the humans. And from 1820 the travellers coming from every corner of the world have been amazed by the wilderness of this natural phenomenon. Both the United States of America and the Canada have borders just by the side of the Niagara and both the countries offer some different scope to the beauty of the falls. Travellers can rest assure that Niagara Falls bus tours can bring a different experience to their travel diaries.niagara falls bus tours

The two countries that share each side of the Niagara Falls offer different experiences to the travellers that come from all over the world. The side of Canada offers many flashy attractions and adventure experience to the travellers, almost in Las Vegas style. This experience brings many tourists over to the Canadian side of the falls. But if you are willing to go beyond the tourist filled roads and all the hullabaloo of the crowded city, you can experience a serene landscape entwined with vineyards and green valleys that stretches to the banks of the river Colorado. And you can actually fell the jump of the river that turned it into the precious Niagara Falls as if almost by magic. Niagara Falls bus tours can let you take in the best of memories that one can collect from the banks of the Niagara. The American side of Niagara is very low-key and offers the tourists a chance to relax and take in the views of this magnificent beauty.

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Niagara Falls bus tours can offer the chance of adventures to the tourists who are looking for an adrenalin surge. You can feel the mist of the falls and get breath taking and literally unforgettable experiences in some of the adventure sports that the Canadian side offers. You can hire a rain poncho and go to the bottom of the falls while riding the Boat name Maid of the Mists. You can also get your heart racing at the odd sculptures that are housed in the wax museums. And you will find a great friend in Niagara Falls bus toursto complete whatever adventure you feel like doing.

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The Falls is actually made of three different waterfalls. And all of these falls made the great U-shape that unburdens these rivers from their water load and creates the spectacle that brings millions of people to this site. The tourists can take the help of Niagara Falls bus tours and visit the Skylon tower which offers a bird’s eye view of the entire landscape without getting even a hint of the mists that the falls is spewing endlessly to its surroundings. Or they can take a walk in the quiet flower laden park that provides a great view to the falls from the different points of the park. Restaurants, cafes and hotels around the falls offer astounding views to the great falls. You can easily take a flight just to visit the Niagara as the nearest airport is only 40 minutes from the nearest airport.

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