The modifications Randy has made to his car have taken him almost 2 years to complete.

The story goes like this… 3 years ago, he wanted to buy the new E46 3-series. After a trip to the dealership and a deposit down on a fully loaded 323i, he was on the 6 month waiting list. Now all he had to do was sell his ’88 325e. He saved up $20,000 and was ready to take delivery on the car in a month when he was offered a ’97 3.2L U.S. M3 motor!

The gears in his head started turning! One week later, he got a full refund from the dealership, and was off to pick up the motor only to find out that it had already been SOLD!!! Well, his mind was already made up so he started calling around the States looking for another motor. In the meantime he was also doing research on what else he would need for the conversion.

click for larger imageDuring that period he flew to Germany to visit his relatives and ended up buying his Rieger front and rear bumpers and M-Tech side skirts there and getting ideas for the build up. Still no motor.

He gathered ideas from all the large NIRA import shows in the States and thus decided on his paint scheme and interior layout. He figured that in order for the car to get enough attention at a first glance, the wheels would have to stand out and be enormous! How would he find 18″ wheels that would fit an E30? He had never seen any! Flipping through a U.K. edition of Max Power he saw a Yellow Rover V8 twin turbo E30 with these Compomotive wheels on it that were 18″x 8″ and he chose those ones. After a phone call to Prism Motorsports in the U.K. he finalized the wheel decision and ordered them from the factory. Still no motor.

click for larger imageHe wanted the interior to look sporty and still be funtional, so he ordered reclinable OBX racing leather buckets. He personally rippped out the carpet, insulation, door skins and roof liner. Everything was substituted with black replacements after the white 6-point roll cage was welded into place. Still no motor.

Next was the color of the car. He really wanted a blue and white theme that looked as cool as the compacts he saw down in the States. The color had to be sexy, but not crazy expensive and still be easy to match in case of a “fender bender”. He figured that a factory colour would be the best and he settled on three options: Dodge Intense Blue, the VW Light Blue or the Honda Electron Blue Pearl. He really liked Honda’s paint, but he wondered how hard it would be to match a pearl colour later on? The body shop assured him it would be easy and not much more $$$, so the colour was decided.

click for larger imageHe finally found a motor down in Alabama from a wrecked ’99 M3 and had it shipped for $5500.00 (incomplete). This gave him time to remove his M20 and prep the engine bay for the paint shop. 2 days later it went off to get painted Honda Blue (only in the engine bay though). When it was complete and he received the motor, in it went. Within 3 days it was running with open headers and back off to the body shop so they could finish the outside and install the skirts. 3 weeks later the car was done and looked beautiful! Since the rear Rieger skirt had a cut-out for the muffler tips, he had the exhaust installed after the body shop was done.

The last things were the wheels and the stereo/alarm that came the following week. Everything was completed July 1st, 2000 and he was off cruising around town signing up for late lapping days in July and whatever else was available for the rest of the year.

Since the completion of the car, he has accumulated various performance bolt-ons to make increase horsepower at the track, since he was already getting used to the power of the motor alone. A bored throttle body, cam, and Nitrous Oxide System that he had from years ago, but what he really wants is a supercharger! He was recently sponsored by BFGoodrich and Vortech Engineering, so extra tires and a blower look closer than ever ever now.

Car Spec:

Chassis: 1988 BMW 325e, 2 door, 5-Speed

-3.2L M52/B32 motor & transmission (1999 M3 OBD-II)
-Vortech V9 G-Trim Supercharger (8 psi) with Aftercooler
-Polished & ported, matched & knife edged head w/4-angle valves
-M50 +4mm bored T-Body, AFM, ECU (1995 M3 OBD-I)
-3.0L M3 twin-plenum intake manifold (1995 M3 OBD-I)
-Cartech Boost dependant Adj Fuel Pressure Regulator
-GReddy Type-S blow off valve
-Genie headers
-M5 motor mounts
-Complete dual 2.25″ mandrel bent exhaust
-Brullen muffler and HiFlow catalytic
-Custom mapped GIAC chip
-UUC complete short shift kit
-Sachs race clutch (stage 3)
-light weight flywheel
-3.23 LSD differencial

-OBX coilover springs
-Bilstien sport shocks
-Suspension Techniques adj. sway bars
-Urethane Bushings/solid shock mounts
-Sparco front strut bar

-Porsche 911 Turbo calipers
-Front 11.2″ Slotted rotors
-Hawk Performance race pads
-Complete braided lines
-M5 brake master cylinder
-325ix brake booster

-18″ x 8″ (+23mm ET) Compomotive wheels
-225/40 YR 18 BFGoodrich G-Force KDW tires
-(track) 15″ x 7″ Club Linea 3 piece magnesium
-225/50 R 15 BFGoodrich G-Force R-compound road race

-Electon Blue Pearl paint
-Rieger front and rear bumpers
-M-Tech sides skirts and wing
-325ix wheel arches
-’93 Civic hatch rocker skirts
-Kamai grill spoilers
-Dechromed trim
-M3 relocated antenna
-Hella H.I.D. 9006 Xenon light conversion
-PIAA 1100X Dichronic Platinum fog lights
-Clear front turn signal/side repeaters
-All-RED Euro rear tail lights

-SCCA 6-point R30 roll cage
-OBX reclinable racing seats
-Automotive grade black reupholstered carpet
-E30 M3 black roof liner
-Door skins from a ’91 318is
-Sparco 4-point belt harness
-BMW Alloy pedals
-MOMO Fighter wheel
-MOMO Air-Aluminum shift knob
-Custom shift gate & handbrake handle
-Aluminum floor mats
-Full Autometer Phantom guages
-OB white face E30 metric guage cluster

-Kenwood Excelon KDC-815X head unit
-Zapco AG360 & AG200 Amps
-JL Audio 12W3 subwoofer
-Eclipse 5.25″ components front
-Cerwin Vega 5.25″ components back
-Kick-ass alarm system.