Ballistic Nylon: The Fabric that Could Armor You

There is this fabric popularly known as ballistic nylon, but many do not know about it. Security has been a great issue for most people, especially people in power. They take multiple steps to protect themselves as their lives are much valued. Form using software that protect their households and offices to riding in an armored car they have done it all. Now protection is also available for clothing and other materials such as bags, and watches and luggage carriers. Ballistic nylon is the material that can provide you that protection. As the name suggests it is a fabric of nylon. But it is tougher than usual.

armored car


It was first made by a corporation called DuPont back in the times of the Second World War. These were used to make flak jackets which were worn by the armored carsairmen during the war. It mainly protected them from fragmentation although direct gunshots could not be resisted by them. They were not exactly bullet proof. So unlike your armored car it will not exactly shield you if you are shot at. But helping to resist abrasion is its forte. So it has become a favorite material for making things like luggage bags. They have lo been used or making watches.

The material that is used to create this type of fabric is a very tough and dense one. These are nylon threads that have a high denier. This also makes the material a very thick and heavy one, just as the extra shielding in an armored car adds to its weight. Basically, anything that is added to give you protection will make it heavy. That is the only deal. These are not good clothing materials anymore, and also not very practical to use as a daily wear to be honest.

Also the material is weaved in a very tight manner which leads to its strength. The making of the fabric can be very well compared with the making of an armored car as both are lengthy processes and both are meant to protect. However the manner in which the two give protections are very different. One happens to be more efficient than the other but the fabric is at least one of the most durable materials that have ever been. So if durability and protection against abrasion is what you are looking for then this is the material to go for.

The best things that are made out of this material happen to daily usage things such as bags and watches. Both of these things are used on a daily basis o they undergo a lot of wear and tear. These are the best fabrics to make heavy duty outdoor materials like backpacks. So like an armored car this too is a strong built material that lasts long and has a lot of different functions, so you can definitely look or this material when you are buying any of the above mentioned things. The material is resistant to fragmentation, wear and tear and will provide long years of service to you.


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