In late ’99, six BMW enthusiasts; Frank, Albert, Wilson, Mike, Don and Alex, decided to organized a small meet to compare vehicles and take a spin around town. This event became known as the M Run ’99.

Pictures posted on the Internet of the excursion quickly generated tremendous response from the public. Loads of people were interested in participating in the next outing. Sadly no one was able to step forward and organize the meets…

click for more info The next move came in summer of 2001: Inspired by successful events hosted by DTM Power, Frank, Albert and Alex took the initiative to organize the first-ever Teutonic meet. After the hugely successful meet, a track day at Shannonville was quickly organized two weeks later.

After having so much fun in the first lapping day, Vincent decided to join the organizers to help with operations and events. By the end of 2001, long time BMW Club Canada heavyweight, Patrick, and part time racer and Porsche Club member, Mike, were invited to join Teutonic as our club’s senior advisors.

click for more info What started out as casual meets and track events led to the creation of – an online community dedicated to band together the car and motorsport enthusiasts.

To date, Teutonic has hosted and organized numerous lapping events, social outtings, and go kart races. New events and ideas are always being explored. Come join us and meet fellow enthusiasts at our next event. Check our forum for the most up-to-date information on upcoming events!