A guide to the newbie in their journey of purchasing a Limousine

Whenever the people are opting for the setup of limousine companies they enquire lot about the type of limo that they should be purchasing but it is completely dependent on the personal experience so we will be providing you with the general recommendation that will help you to buy limousine.

If the business will mainly center around a nightclub and parting kids then you should definitely go for the SUV like those H2 Hummer which will have the trimmings. If your priority customer will be business people, hotel, airport, or event then you should opt for the Lincoln Town Car or the Chrysler 300.

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Important vehicles:

So if your limo company is a new one then you should always start with two vehicles at least. In this way, you can easily keep one car on duty and others one can be given as an alternative to customers when needed. If you are considering essential cars then you should go for Chrysler 300 or the Lincoln town car or the Hummer H2. If you want to opt for an easy to upgrade or repairing the car, then Lincoln Town Car and Chrysler 300 will be a reliable option. This two cars will help you in meeting all the daily requirements of the customers. The H2 Hummer will help you in carrying the big groups with a lot of seats that will provide you with a good amount of profit and is perfect for a party, nightclubs, shows, tours, wedding etc.


Before considering the stretch of the newly buy limousine, you should know how it is going to affect the profitability and convenience. Another thing to think about is whether the drivers will be able to easily use the car in certain kind of streets because in many places vehicles with long stretches are not allowed in narrow streets like those of 300 inch Hummer. Sometimes the length of the stretch can also cost you very little.

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Depending on the financial condition you will have to decide whether you should purchase the used limo or opt for a new one. Along with the vehicle cost, you should also include the operating cost because you will also have to replace some parts when required. In order to run a profitable company of limo services, you should know all these sectors.


Generally, people go for those black and white limos because they are perfect for proms, business meetings, wedding etc. Pink limos are also very popular but not everyone will be comfortable with taking the pink limo for the business meetings so you have to be careful with the colour you choose.


A unique newly buy limousine will always grab the attention of the customer and will boost the publicity of your services. So go for those limos that have gullwing windows with unique painting job done on the body.

Things to avoid:

Always try to avoid the expensive vehicles that have expensive parts in it. So if the car gets any part dysfunctional you will have to spend a lot on the parts and it can be only prepared by the specialist.

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